“Helping families plan for long life, obtain quality care and navigate the long term care maze”

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About Life Care Planning

As loved ones age, many questions arise:

  • What are their medical needs?
  • Should I be involved with their care?
  • Can I be involved?
  • How do I find good care?
  • What will care cost?
  • How will care be financed?
  • What if staying at home isn't feasible?
  • Are there government or community resources available?

We Show You The Way

The team at the Law Office of Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak is committed to providing you with the answers you need and relieving your anxiety, guilt and fear. We will establish a relationship with you for as long as you need us...and we call this unique approach Life Care Planning.

Life Care Planning assesses financial and health-related needs and incorporates them with legal planning techniques. The team of care providers at the Law Office of Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak will work with you to address your needs...now and as they change in the future.

Life Care Planning can help you to act in a timely fashion to avoid frantic action when a crisis occurs. The plan is customized to you, the client. It helps meet the challenge of caring for a loved one and considers the legal needs of all other family members.

Life Care Planning includes the services of an experienced Care Coordinator to assess care needs and offer available resources. Ongoing monitoring is provided and if a move from home to a more secure setting is needed, the Care Coordinator facilitates that move.

Life Care Planning strives to reduce the burden of the high cost of care by locating community agencies that offer assistance, determining and obtaining government benefits, making sure all legal documents are current, and protecting assets for you and your heirs.

Life Care Planning means that we will relieve you of your fears and concerns and provide you with the confidence that your loved one will receive the quality of care to live the best quality of life.

Life Care Planning Goals:

  • Quality Care: This is the most important goal. We can help you find the most appropriate care whether at home or in a residential facility.
  • Good Decisions: We will help you make good decisions now and in the future.
  • Asset Protection: Quality long term care is costly. We will help you find the sources to pay for it. We will assist you with managing your assets to get the most benefit from them during your lifetime and to preserve them for your heirs.

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